What are the Best Console Games of All Time?

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It has already become a significant part of life these days to play video games, whether some adults like it off or not. For avid players, they can’t imagine a world without video games.

It is like music to them – without it, their lives would not be complete. The titles below represent some of the best console games of all time.



Nobody can really argue about this game. In fact, many will agree that Tetris is the best game of all time. In fact, you’ll see a lot of remakes of it being played today. Credit is given to a Russian computer scientist and a Japanese company that mass produced the game. Even those who are not fond of playing video games get addicted to this game. When it was released back in 1984, the game became a global phenomenon. By 1989, Nintendo placed this legendary game in Game Boy and NES, which helped give the title its amazing success. Ever since then, you can find the Tetris game in every console, showing people’s undying love for stacking blocks. Whilst Tetris is really addictive, it has been proven that it can provide health benefits, like controlling cravings and even preventing PTSD effects.


Super Mario 64

At second in the list is this brick breaking Mario, which is not the same Super Mario you might be thinking of. Mario’s Goombe-stomping actions are enough to remind the gamers all over the world about the side-scrolling Super Mario games of Nintendo. But this game which was released back in 1996 transported the fans into a whole new world of Mario that no other video game could ever do. It showed players how to interact with the 3D world. This game sold over 11 million copies, thus proven to be one of the bestselling games on the Nintendo 64 console. However, its real impact comes from its off-platform, where it has shifted the whole design imperatives in this industry.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This is another title that ‘veteran’ gamers are familiar with. The pointy-eared protagonist Link from the 1998 Nintendo 64 game has made it to the top of the list. There are a couple of reasons why this game is considered one of the best. First is its ability to let the players explore a 3D world so sublime and intimate. There are puzzles, dungeon levels, and artful areas, not to mention its breakthrough interface. And because of how this game was made, it has given other game developers ideas on how to create their own games. Truth be told, they couldn’t topple this game.



Most FPS fans have probably heard of this title before. The titles Counter-Strike, Halo, and Call of Duty all owe their gameplay styles to this title. This game was introduced back in 1993, the game introduces a space Marine against the legions of Hell, bringing its gamers to an extensive battle for Earth’s protection.

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What Are The Top 10 Greatest Video Games of All Time?

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As in the famous saying, “All work and no play makes a man weak and boring. Therefore, one should indulge in playing games.  Nowadays, playing games either indoors or outdoors have become a basic part of our culture. 

That is why most men or women of all ages play games. It is an important part of our recreation and enjoyment. Also, it is significant to our health. There are many types of games played worldwide. Amongst the most popular games today are the video games.

So here are the following top 10 greatest video games of all time:

1. Tetris – this is the best game of all time. Ever since this was developed by a game designer from Russia, Alexey Pajitnov, people have seen various versions of Tetris. This was first released back in the 6th of July 1984; it has seen so many revisions and those revisions always gather a lot of players. It is because of the simplicity of the game that it never seems to fade away.
2. Doom – this is another classic that has seen different revisions as well. The latest iteration of this series was just released recently. This is a first-person shooter game developed by the id Software, Aspyr Media, and TeamTNT, among others.
3. Minecraft – this is another game that has captured the hearts of many. At first glance, the game looks like it has been done horribly wrong, but once played, you can never let it go. The game was originally made by a single creator Markus Persson but was later developed fully and published into the market by Mojang.
4. Sim City 2000 – Revolves around building a functioning city and overcoming the many problems that arise.
5. Quake – It is a maze based game in which you battle monsters in a medieval setting.
6. Counter-Strike – A multiplayer game based around terrorist activity.
7. Half-Life 2 – A battle against aliens who have taken over the world.
8. Space Invaders – Your task is to shoot down alien spacecraft.
9. Zork – An adventure game set in an ancient empire
10. Diablo II – an action game with a horror theme.

If you take a look at the games that are released recently and the others that are still in the production phase, you can say that the best games of all time are usually the classics. Like in fashion, nothing can beat the classics as they are usually the basis of all the new games players play these days.

Now it is time for you, your friends and fellow gamers to make your own top ten lists. There have been so many great games over the years and as we all have our own ideas of what makes a great game it is highly unlikely that any two lists will be the same but you can argue the case for your selections between yourselves.

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Games from the Past to the Present

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right-hand-side-image-for-postGames have been around hundreds of years. They have been a source of entertainment when you don’t have anything to do.

Games can be played by all ages and sexes.  Whether you are rich or poor, you can always play games.

You might be shocked at the games played by your ancestors but in their time, it is how they had fun, and it will reflect in the games that you have currently. The games now and the games before may be different due to time but none the less they still hold great entertainment.

You might think that the games before were boring and wouldn’t compete with the games of today but you are wrong. Without the games before you wouldn’t have the games of today.

Before, the balls that the people used to play weren’t as comfortable as they are today. Previously technology wasn’t so advanced, you have to understand that the equipment to play games wouldn’t be as comfortable to use as it is now.

Today games can be bought in all gaming stores with instructions that you have to read and understand, before though you would just tell your friends what to do for you to play the game. Having a great imagination is very beneficial when you played games in the past because unlike the games today, you could not find them on the internet. Games like Bingo may not sound fun for today, but during the days of your grandparents, they were the top games to play.

There is less physical interaction with the games today because the games are played on a gaming console or the computer. Being resourceful is also very important during the old days because you could use simple everyday items like sticks and leaves and you could immediately think of a game to play.


Even activities like climbing trees was a fun game to play before, but now when you play games or when you want to climb trees, you can do that with the use of the internet.  Though there are big differences between the games from previous generations the results are still the same and that is it give entertainment to everyone, for old or young and for girl or boy.

Though there are games that were played before and are not played today, you still have to show gratitude to these games because it is from these early games that many of the games of today have evolved.

You might think that the games before weren’t as much fun or are dangerous to play with but in those times, they were a form of entertainment for the people. Though today’s games can be store bought or can be found on the internet or a gaming console, the basic idea of games is that they bring happiness and joy.

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The Witness – A puzzle game all fans of the genre wanted

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img-1The mystery genre in gaming is vast, as there are many ways in which developers introduced puzzles into their games. But the last few years were bad for the fans of this genre. Yes, there were dozens upon dozens of puzzle games hitting the market, but the lack of quality was evident.

The puzzles were very simple, and the repetitiveness was evident. To appeal to a wider audience, many developers simplified their puzzles. This almost killed this genre.

The Witness is one of few games that break this trend. The puzzles it brings are interesting and yet frustrating, which is the way puzzles should be.

The Witness –puzzle game for puzzle lovers

The Witness is a challenging game. You should expect confusion, frustration, and mental exhaustion during the play through. You might also consider giving up on it but keep on playing because this game has a lot to offer. The game won’t hold your hand; it will give you hints of its mechanics in subtle ways. This game isn’t made for people who have a weak understanding of puzzles.

The setting of the game is simple; you are on an island in the middle of the sea. The island has different settings, from snow-covered mountains to deserts. While walking around, you will notice panels that contain mazes. Complete those mazes, and you will get clues that will lead you to new puzzles and, in some cases, different doors.

The panels at the beginning are easy, but as you progress the game introduces new elements that become increasingly difficult. Some of those elements will force you to break already determined rules; others will add new mechanics and so on.  The diversity in this game is truly magnificent.


A game that will keep you glued to the screen

The majority of puzzle games have very little content and have around five or six hours of it. That isn’t enough for anyone. The Witness will keep you glued to the screen for more than 25 hours. The overall gameplay isn’t set in the background of the puzzles. As you go through the game, you will realize that puzzles have an effect on the world around you. Some puzzles change the environment around you, while others require certain environmental conditions. Some panels have no puzzles, but they still alter the world around the player.

The world of The Witness is open, and the player (you) can go wherever they want. Every setting has its puzzles and motifs. Once the puzzles in a particular scene become too challenging and impossible to complete, you can go to the other part of the island and learn new rules that will simplify those puzzles.

This open-world style of the game helps you to better understand complicated puzzles. It also gives you the ability to learn the game mechanics at your own pace.

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The secret of HOPA games

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photo-firstIf you have never heard of HOPA – the hidden object puzzle adventure games, then you are missing out.

Standing out from the majority of 3D action games we can see and play today the HOPA genre offers something entirely different.

Here, the accent is on the beautiful 2D graphics, immersive stories and brain puzzles that will keep you nailed to the computer screen for hours.

HOPA games first appeared in 2003. when some people were making a connect-two type mini game and decided to spice it up and add a mystery detective twist to it with some other mini games to make it even more fun.

The result was the first HOPA game – a detective story where the protagonist is trying to solve a case through a series of room escape-like scenes.

Until today this is the overall premise for the genre. You are usually solving a mystery or trying to get to the bottom of a particular enigma. The way you do it is masterfully placed inside of this 2D universe with amazing graphics that looks like a hand painted Renaissance piece.

You will never get a feeling of looking at the 2D plane while you are playing, the levels are usually beautifully put together, and this sort of look is an industry standard.

You advance through the game by moving through continuous scenes representing the interior and exterior of certain locations, usually separated by the narrative chapters.

Inside every scene, there are things you can interact with, pick them up and put them in your inventory in case they are needed later. These interactions are usually creative and force you to think and strategize.

You can pick up a rock to break the glass and pick up the special scissors that can cut that thick metal chord holding the chandelier to get a crystal needed for a laser machine. That kind of stuff.

There are also unique mini-games that make you think and are usually done as a way to break away from the main game story to test your wit and logic. They often help you get a special reward item that you will need in future.

The stories in these games often feature rich characters that you meet and interact with in the game and the games of this genre, if done well, can look like an interactive movie. That is how we come to the best part of the HOPA games – the interactive narrative moment.

HOPAs often present more than plain amusement and offer us a wealth of experience where we can enjoy a great story while being actively involved in its development. We have a feeling of immersion, and the amazing graphics that we mentioned is certainly helping.

Another great thing about HOPA is the future and integration with the VR platform because the first person view is perfect for this kind of technology. We are still waiting for this news.

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A beginners guide through Dominations

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mobile-gamesPlaying games on your mobile phone is one of the things the development of the technology provided us with, and there isn’t a living soul that isn’t thankful for this. How would we spend our free time, wait in lines or ride in the busses without them?

Probably the same we do today, but way more boring. Dominations is one of the games in the spotlight nowadays, maybe it is because of its interesting and unique theme, and maybe because it isn’t boring like most of them.

The thing about this game is that you always have something new to explore, someone new to defeat and something new to learn.

The theme of this game is something similar to traveling trough time, from the ancient times to modern era, learning about history, army, and architecture about one of the seven biggest nations.

Choose the nation and cruise through their history, defeat other players, explore and expand your town and see what happens. If you’re here for the tips on how to improve your game play, here are some Dominations cheats and tricks you could use.

Everything you do will have consequences in the future, so you have to be careful about each and every move. There are three most important aspects of this game – Buildings, Upgrades, and Battles.

Building houses will bring you more workers, more workers will bring your more effective power meaning more upgrading, more building, and more battles, therefore this should be your primary activity.

Organizing the workers the right way also has an influence on your later missions, if you send all of your workers to build houses, you won’t have any left for hunting or upgrading, so you have to keep that in mind too.

Army is one more thing you need to worry about, each soldier will cost you gold which is why you have to use your money carefully, think hard about spending the money, when and what will you buy.

Think strategically about military formations, decide which soldier you can afford and which do you need for better results in battle, spend your money wisely. Raiding is the fastest way to earn resources, and this is why you shouldn’t restrain yourself, spending money on soldiers is an excellent, wise investment.

Aside from all these tips and tricks that you might learn on your own, here are some tips you maybe didn’t know about. Even though raiding is the fastest way to earn resources in the game, there is one easier and quicker way than that, and it’s of external nature.

Players who don’t want to spend real money on additional Dominations resources and who want to progress faster developed the so-called important source which offers free resources and cheats.

Using these tools and tricks, you can get as many resources as you need. You can choose among gold, crowns or food and you can even choose the exact amount of the goods you need.

And the best thing about this is that you don’t have to reveal anything about yourself you don’t want to, everything it requires is information about your dominations account.

Update on 27th December 2016

I thought I would give some more tips for you beginners.

As soon as you get the chance build new houses to expand your city and increase your population. When you log on make sure you hunt animals and attend to your mines if you have any as this is a good way to increase your resources. Don’t forget to organise your army so you can raid other players. This is a really fast way to gain resources and benefit from someone else’s hard work.

Happy gaming!

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Best Audio Device for Playing No Man’s Sky

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Avid Audio, formerly known to users as Digidesign, is an audio technology company from North America that focuses on manufacturing the best digital audio hardware on the market.

There is a new PC and PS4 game called “No Man’s Sky” that is becoming increasingly popular, mostly because of the Avid Audio digital company. Butno-mans-sky-screenshot-02_1920.0.0 what does a game have to do with a digital company such as Avid Audio? Well, apparently the best experience that you can have of this game is by playing it on Avid audio monitors and audio devices.

How Avid Audio technology improves the gameplay?

We know that playing games with better gaming equipment like a professional mouse, wireless keyboard and a plasma screen that protects our eyesight only improves our performance in some games.

The same rule applies with No Man’s Sky where the game was designed to present stunning visual and audio effects on technology from Avid Audio digital company. This is why it is recommended to play it on these devices.

You’ve probably seen some games that are advised to play on Nvidia GeForce graphic cards; this is no different than that. So if you want the complete experience that No Man’s Land has to offer you should most definitely play it on Avid Audio devices.

How large is the Universe in this game?
Game developers made sure that players who play this game feel like they are actually exploring the galaxy. There are too many planets to even write the number, and for a player to explore the whole galaxy in the game, it would take him 5 billion years to do so.

It was recently reported by Hallo Games, that No Man’s Sky players have already discovered more species than exists on planet Earth. And yes, by this we mean all subspecies and those that only scientists can name were included in this count.

So you can imagine how huge the game actually is and how much hours you need to explore everything there is to explore in this game. Pretty amazing right? With an online multiplayer option players can meet, trade and collect information about species, floras and faunas and generally ecosystems on certain planets.

No violence.

There is no or at least little violence in this game, and the sole purpose of No Man’s Sky is to explore and enjoy the ambient. You have some basic defense weapons on your shuttle that you will use mostly to defend against hostile robots and other ships. Other devices that look like weapons will act as tools for extracting minerals and crystals from mountains and stone-shaped objects. If you want to relax and enjoy the stunning visual effects, you should definitely try No Man’s Sky as it is calming and relaxing.

So grab your controllers, sit back and relax and play the game. Invite friends and family for the weekend and enjoy together in this fabulous game title that has exceeded the expectations even of most picky gamers.

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