The fans of No Man’s Sky received some good and some bad news in the last week.
The developers of the game post their updates and their progress regularly, and that keeps the fans on the edge. If we are to trust the developers, the game is being filled with new features every day. The initial delay of the release from June to August enrages some of the fans, but the news concerning a big update calmed everyone. The update will add many different things to enrich the journey of the player.
no-mans-sky-screen-08-ps4-us-28may15The expectations were brought down by a player who bought an illegal version of the game for more than 1300 dollars. After a while, the player started posting news and the most heart-breaking news for the fans of this big open world game is that he managed to reach the center of the galaxy in 30 hours or so. The most disheartening thing is that he visited different worlds on that journey, which means that this wasn’t a rush to the center, but play through that explored all aspects of the game.

He said that his intention wasn’t solely to reach the galaxy’s center, but to explore all features that the game offers. He stated that he studied many things and that there are some of those that didn’t fulfill his expectations. He also indicated that he didn’t cover all the major events in his play through and that the players have more to find in the galaxy.
no-mans-sky-screenshot-02_1920.0.0Finally, he shared a secret on how he managed to reach the center in a short time frame. He said that a typical trip is a lot longer, but he found help through an overpriced item. Once he found the thing he sold it on the market and invested the money into upgrades that would increase his speed. He was able to acquire this item multiple times through which he gained an incredible amount of resources that shortened his journey to the center.
The item in question is purchased legally, but in this way it breaks the game down. The player said that he hopes for a Day One patch that will nerf this item and fix many bugs that still exist. The developers told the fans to stay away from the videos this player posts, but many didn’t listen.
maxresdefaultThe disappointment flooded the internet as the main features that drew the fans to the game need more tweaking. Many of those fans shared their concerns about the game on different videos and forums. The hype for the game is still there, but its proportions are smaller than before. Some people said that this is good because the game would be a big disappointment if it came to the players that had no knowledge this player shared.
We hope that the game will be more polished when it comes out. The promised to update and possible Day One patch should (we hope) fix many of the issues that are still in the game.